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The Way of the Cross
by J. Gregory Mantle.

The Way of the Cross (also known as Beyond Humiliation) is J. Gregory Mantle's classic work on the experimental working of the Cross in the believer's life. This first Kingsley Press edition is complete and unabridged—based on the First Edition of 1896.

Christian Books for
Spiritual Growth and Maturity

Welcome to our web site! We are UK distributors for the excellent, Christ-centred literature produced by Harvey Christian Publishers in the USA.

Many of our books are compilations of writings from godly men and women of the past, and are thus an excellent way of introducing the growing Christian to a vast array of spiritual writers. A number of our books are biographical, including the five volume series They Knew Their God by E. & L. Harvey. Several of our books are reprints of formerly out-of-print works such as those by G. D. Watson, and a number of complete biographies and autobiographies.

Walk about Zion, and go round about her: tell the towers thereof. Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her palaces; that ye may tell it to the generation following. (Psalms 48:12,13 )

These words from the fortieth Psalm were impressed upon Edwin and Lillian Harvey almost fifty years ago as a commission to leave to a coming generation pictures of Zion’s towers—her prophets and watchmen, Zion’s bulwarks—her reformers and defenders of the faith, and Zion’s palaces—those human dwellings of God, made beautiful and majestic by the presence of the King of kings. The seventy or more books here are a fulfillment of this commission.

For over forty years Edwin & Lillian Harvey edited a magazine in Britain called "The Message of Victory." Their search for inspired articles led to the building up of a large resource of precious gems.
That material is now compiled into inexpensive paperbacks on various subjects. It spans centuries, denominations, gender, and class to express true faith in Jesus Christ and Him crucified.