Latest Addition
The Way of the Cross
by J. Gregory Mantle.

The Way of the Cross (also known as Beyond Humiliation) is J. Gregory Mantle's classic work on the experimental working of the Cross in the believer's life. This first Kingsley Press edition is complete and unabridged—based on the First Edition of 1896.


Every Man’s Life a Plan of God
by Horace Bushnell
In this classic sermon the author shows that each of our lives “has a complete and perfect plan cherished in the heart of God–a divine biography marked out, which they enter into life to live. This life, rightly unfolded, will be a complete and beautiful whole.” 16 pages

Exceeding Great Reward
by Lillian Harvey
A personal account by the author of how God became her Exceeding Great Reward after the passing of her husband of 45 years. Included are quotations from Joseph Parker, F. B. Meyer, Oswald Chambers, Henry Law, and others. An excellent gift for those who have recently lost a dearly loved partner or friend. 16 pages

The Fiery Ordeal
by Lillian Harvey
The author shows that just as in the natural world the gems of greatest worth are only produced by intense heat, so the Christian who seeks to build upon his foundation gold, silver, and precious stones must endure the fires of affliction and suffering. 16 pages

Good Angels and Evil Angels
by John Wesley
In these two sermons, John Wesley examines what the Bible has to say about the characteristics and activities of both good angels and evil angels. In the midst of this materialistic age, his words serve as a timely reminder that we are surrounded by invisible hosts of spirit beings—some benevolent and some malevolent. 45 pages (half size)

Heart Purity
by Lillian Harvey
This pamphlet takes a look at the subject of heart purity as seen by St. Peter. It should help to clear up some misunderstandings on the subject, and shows the absolute necessity of pure motives in Christian life and witness. 8 pages

My Search for the Perfect Church
by Lillian G. Harvey
This little booklet first of all describes a journey in search of spiritual reality. However, that quest having been gloriously ended, another immediately begins: a search for the perfect Church. Follow the author as she describes the frustrations and disappointments that dogged her steps in this long voyage of discovery. 15 pages (half size)

John Wesley & His Wife
Compiled by Lillian Harvey
A collection of John Wesley’s letters to his wife and others, showing how patiently Mr. Wesley bore his trial. “What a blessing it is to have these little crosses,” he writes, “that we may try what spirit we are of! We could not live in continual sunshine. It would dry up all the grace of God that is in us.” 50 pages (Published by Rare Christian Books)