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The Way of the Cross
by J. Gregory Mantle.

The Way of the Cross (also known as Beyond Humiliation) is J. Gregory Mantle's classic work on the experimental working of the Cross in the believer's life. This first Kingsley Press edition is complete and unabridged—based on the First Edition of 1896.

The "Call Back" Series

This series is designed to encourage suffering Christians to know that, whatever trial they may be encountering, others have passed the same way before and are calling back to us through their experiences, proving that “all things” truly work for good to those who love God.

Call Back One: Illness
By E. F. & L. Harvey
Some of God’s choicest saints of the past reveal the grace of God which enabled them to suffer illnesses, afflictions, and nervous complaints triumphantly. Edward Payson, Catherine Booth, George Muller, C.H. Spurgeon, and Frances Havergal are just a sample of those quoted. 72 pages

Call Back Two: Loneliness
by E. F. & L. Harvey
Missionaries and other Christians call back in these 25 chapters to tell how their experience in loneliness achieved God-planned results. The loneliness of the orphan, of those misunderstood or maligned, of the unmarried or bereaved—all these and other forms of loneliness are graphically depicted in this volume. 89 pages

Call Back Three: Frustration
by E. F. & L. Harvey
Knowing that you are not alone in your trial greatly helps you to endure and conquer. Extreme frustration in the Christian life resulting from experiences of betrayal, rejection, and failure are related so as to help and encourage others to face their ordeal. John Wesley, William Carey, A. B. Simpson, and G. F. Handel are among those quoted. 104 pages

Call Back Four and Five: Opposition, Volumes 1&2
by E. F. & L. Harvey
These two Call Backs show how the true Christian has always suffered the antagonisms of the devil and the world when attempting to achieve anything of value for Christ’s Kingdom. The reader is guided down the centuries, beginning with Jesus and His disciples in the opening pages of Volume 1 and ending in the 1800’s at the close of Volume 2. 111 & 120 pages respectively

Call Back Six: Handicaps, Volume 1
by E. F. & L. Harvey
This book relates the triumphs of those who allowed God to redirect their talents through physical deformities, blindness, deafness, through crushing sorrow from multiple bereavements, incompatible partners in life and business, or through poverty or social ostracism! 96 pages

Call Back Seven: Handicaps, Volume 2
by L. Harvey and Trudy Harvey Tait
A companion to the above, this volume relates the triumphs of such people as Fanny Crosby, John Milton, Helen Keller, Longfellow, Tennyson, and Robert Louis Stevenson. 142 pages

Call Back Eight: Old Age—Handicap or Blessing?
by L. Harvey and Trudy Harvey Tait
Modern society puts a great premium upon youth, but this book shows that sometimes the greatest accomplishments of life have taken place in old age. Among the many fascinating stories in this book, you will read about Granny Brand who refused to “retire” from the mission field until her death at ninety-four. You will also discover how George Müller traveled 200,000 miles preaching the gospel after his 70th birthday! 128 pages