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The Way of the Cross
by J. Gregory Mantle.

The Way of the Cross (also known as Beyond Humiliation) is J. Gregory Mantle's classic work on the experimental working of the Cross in the believer's life. This first Kingsley Press edition is complete and unabridged—based on the First Edition of 1896.


The Amazing Book, Volumes 1 & 2
Compiled by Lillian Harvey and Trudy Harvey Tait
These two volumes emphasize the life-changing potency of the Word of God. Ideal for use as a daily devotional, each volume contains approximately sixty readings, compiled from at least 250 different sources. At the back of each book, there are indexes of both Scripture verses used and authors cited. In these days of scant and superficial reading of God's Word, these books will come as a refreshing reminder of the wonder, beauty, and power of the Bible. “A Famine for the Word of God,” “The Bible—A Purifier,” “The Piercing Word,” “A Key that Fits Every Difficulty” are but a few of the chapter headings. It is hoped that the testimonies, exhortations, and poetry of God's saints of all ages concerning the marvels of the Scriptures will whet your appetite for a more prolonged and frequent feeding on the heavenly manna. 198 pages respectively

The Christian’s Daily Challenge
Compiled by E. F. & L. Harvey
Stirring appeals in the form of daily readings which challenge the Christian. The writings of over 200 authors of various denominational backgrounds, carefully and prayerfully selected and combined with Scripture texts on such subjects as “Faithfulness in small things,” “Too big for God to use,” “Nourishment through the Word,” “Life eased by a yoke,” and 361 others. A unique devotional for Christian growth. 332 pages

Covetousness (The Sin Very Few Ever Confess)
Compiled and written by Lillian G. Harvey
The heinous sin of covetousness, condemned throughout the Bible, has enslaved many who would shrink with horror from seemingly grosser sins. Christian writers from John Chrysostom to C.S. Lewis unite to condemn this evil. 112 pages

Him or It?
by Lillian G. Harvey and Trudy Harvey Tait
The authors’ desire throughout this book is to remind us that the center of Christianity is Christ Himself. They point out how easy it is to become occupied with something other than Himself—with a doctrine or a creed or with a form of church government; it may even be over-preoccupation with an experience. But no matter how good the “it” may be in its own sphere, if it begins to occupy the central place, it needs to be dethroned so that Christ may once again become all in all. The book also shows how all down through the centuries God has raised up spokesmen whose burden it was to see Christ reinstated. 175 pages

How They Prayed Series
Volume One—Household Prayers

by E. F. & L. Harvey
This book is a plea for a return of prayer and worship in the home, citing many examples of how praying family members have prevailed with God for their loved ones. Read of parents who prayed for their children, children who prayed for their parents, wives and husbands who prayed for their partners. 19 short, easy-to-read chapters. 119 pages

Volume Two—Ministers’ Prayers
by E. F. & L. Harvey
The first three chapters of this book contain testimonies from various Christians on the benefits of early morning rising for prayer and Bible study. The remaining chapters reveal the emphasis given to prayer in the lives of ministers and preachers from differing denominational backgrounds and nationalities. 104 pages

Volume Three—Missionaries and Revival
by E. F. & L. Harvey
Read the touching story of Lily Roberts, a missionary in the Congo, who prayed, “Lord, my life for revival,” and how God took her at her word. Discover how largely prayer figured in the revival of 1857 and others. Gain an insight into the prayer-lives of various missionaries. All in this book! 127 pages

Household Foes
by Lillian G. Harvey
This book is not for everyone and is to be read with caution. However, if you are perplexed by antagonism from your loved ones because of your love for Christ, the reading of Household Foes will encourage you that you are not alone. The author cites examples from both Old and New Testaments and from church history which show how abundantly Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:36 have been found to be true, “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” A parallel reading of How they Prayed Vol. 1 (Household prayers) pages 50-58 is suggested. 124 pages

Kneeling We Triumph
Volume One

Compiled by E. F. & L. Harvey
Sixty two-page readings on prayer. Titles include: “Authority to Take,” “For the Asking,” “Beauty of Delayed Answers,” and “Prayers that Outlive an Age.” “It transformed my prayer life” was the report of one reader. Suggestion: Order it, read it, and obey it! 127 pages

Volume Two
Compiled by E. F. & L. Harvey
Companion to the above. A few titles are: “Waiting, a Proof of our Faith,” “Hush My Heart to Listen,” “When Prayer is a Cry.” Christians from all walks of life are reporting blessings from reading this book. 127 pages

Let My People Go!
by Edwin F. Harvey
Over a period of more than forty years, Edwin Harvey edited a Christian periodical in Great Britain called The Message of Victory. A number of his editorials, together with other articles and sermons, have now been collected together by his family for this book. A short testimony is also included. 207 pages

The New Creation
by E. F. & L. Harvey and Norman Woodhouse
The New Creation extols the grandeur of the new birth and elevates the Holy Spirit to His rightful place as the sole Agent in the soul’s entire renewal. A must for every Bible teacher, preacher, and student. 173 pages

Royal Counsel
Compiled by E. F. & L. Harvey
Thirty-one daily readings which challenge the reader to deeper Bible study. The authors’ lives were revolutionized as they prepared this book; it may do the same for you! 64 pages

Royal Exchange
Compiled by E. F. & L. Harvey
Thirty-one daily readings which stimulate the reader to exchange his/her weakness for divine strength—an exchange which seems to be the missing dimension of prayer in this busy age. 64 pages

Royal Insignia
Compiled by E. F. & L. Harvey
Ninety-eight two-page readings on the much neglected subject of humility. It is a compilation of testimonials from almost two hundred godly men and women describing the dangers of pride and the necessity of dependence upon God. Read how others, in traveling this journey of descent, discovered wings with which to soar into the heavenlies with Christ Jesus. Includes an index of authors and Scripture texts. Your library is incomplete without it. 207 pages

Royal Pilgrimage
by Lillian G. Harvey
Thirty-eight short readings which challenge those of us familiar with the truth that this world is not our home, that we are just passing through, to exhibit by our daily lives that we are pilgrims and strangers on earth. Reading this book will help to make earth a little less like home. 112 pages

Royal Purposes
Compiled by E. F. & L. Harvey
Thirty-one daily readings showing that God has loving designs for His children when suffering and difficulty would suggest the contrary. “Over the years,” writes a midwife tutor from Manchester, England, “I have given away many copies to Christians in distress and breakdown situations. It is by far the most valuable book I have found for those needs.” 64 pages

To Judge or Not to Judge
by E. F. & L. Harvey
A timely publication, emphasizing the need and duty of right judgment. The subject is analyzed thoroughly from a Biblical standpoint. Personal experiences are included, together with articles by Bishop Ryle and Phillips Brooks, in order to help the reader to determine whether “to judge or not to judge.” 72 pages