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The Way of the Cross
by J. Gregory Mantle.

The Way of the Cross (also known as Beyond Humiliation) is J. Gregory Mantle's classic work on the experimental working of the Cross in the believer's life. This first Kingsley Press edition is complete and unabridged—based on the First Edition of 1896.

Miscellaneous Biographies

Amanda Smith
An inspiring story of a slave who relates her deliverance from bondage and her second escape from sin’s bondage. Although a humble washerwoman, she was remarkably used as God’s instrument to tell the story of the sanctified life to high and low. 159 pages

Count Zinzendorf
by Felix Bovet
A very well written account of an unusual man of God. Zinzendorf, a contemporary of John Wesley, founded a religious community among Moravian immigrants called Herrnhut. He also wrote hymns and various books and instituted foreign missions. 96 pages

Gerhard Tersteegen Vol. 1
Recluse in Demand (Life and Letters)

Compiled from editions by Samuel Jackson,
Emma Frances Bevan, and Emily Chrisholm

After a very real encounter with God, Ter­steegen sought a quiet life of seclusion and contemplation. Hungry souls, however, besieged his dwelling place, anxious to feast their souls on the Bread of Life. This book gives his story, together with a number of his letters. 142 pages

Gerhard Tersteegen Vol. 2
Sermons and Hymns

A collection of thirty hymns and several sermons, punctuated with a number of short quotations from the pen of this spiritual master. This book will prove to be a source of wisdom and inspiration as well as an aid to worship. 144 pages

Striking Incidents of Saving Grace
by Henry Breeden
This book, much of it in diary form, unveils the heart longings of this man of God, a personal friend of the well-known John Smith. Breeden’s life was one of prevailing prayer and of Holy Ghost passion for the conversion of men. 220 pages

William Carvosso
Autobiography and Letters
This biography illustrates how useful an ordinary lay person can become in the purposes of God. Having no special talents or even a call to preach, Carvosso was yet a “burning and shining light,” and multitudes were blessed through his life and labors. His was a career from which we can all learn. 196 pages

Billy Bray, The King’s Son
by F. W. Bourne
Reprint of one of the most refreshing and original Christian biographies ever written. Billy was a drunken tin miner from Cornwall, England, who was wonderfully converted and became a powerful witness for Christ. 124 pages (Published by Old Paths Tract Society)

Harold St. John, A Portrait by His Daughter
by Patricia St. John
A fascinating portrait of Harold St. John, one of the leading Bible teachers of his day. The story of his life and influence is as relevant today as ever. It is full of instruction, encouragement, and inspiration for believers. 172 pages (Published by Kingsley Press)